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The most advanced energy drink available. Explodz is as simple as that. Our promise is to deliver maximum energy drink performance using the most advanced production methods on this planet.

It wasn't easy, but we've achieved this with our own research team that includes only top scientist from around the world. We sincerely think that Explodz is to energy drinks what fusion would be to energy! Despite this unbelievable power, Explodz has a smooth taste so you can really pound down those cans!


AttributeExplodzCompetitor ICompetitor II
Natural Extraction MethodsYes!NoNo
Disease ProtectionYes!NoNo
100% Vitamin CoverageYes!NoNo
Completely SustainableYes!NoNo
Increases Muscle MassYes!NoNo
Taste EnhancersYes!NoNo
Improves VigilanceYes!YesYes
Increases PerformanceYes!YesYes
Increases ConcentrationYes!YesYes


Explodz contains only natural ingredients. There isn't a single molecule in a can of Explodz from outside of nature. We've achieved this by developing novel production methods which allow us to insert nature from other end and then fill a can of refreshing Explodz from the other end. We waste very little and extract dozens of beneficial natural ingredients from each piece of nature we use in production.


By drinking Explodz, you will help save the world can by can. Explodz is what scientist like to call "carbon negative". This means that every Explodz can consumed will actually make our Earth a better place to live.

How do we do this? There are actually three parts to this. First, our production methods are 100% natural and very efficient. You can think every Explodz factory like a rainforest that produces a powerful nectar. Second, we're offsetting any remaining emissions by planting trees. And guess what, third, Explodz is CARBOHYDRATED so we also have a natural carbon sink with each can! So there you have it!

Avoid drinking super-stimulating Explodz Energy Drinks before going to bed. There are no known common side-effects of Explodz but people sensitive to caffeine and penicillin shouldn't drink Explodz. Expectant mothers or children under 15 years old should also consult their physician before using Explodz. The recommended daily consumption is 12 x 12 Fl oz or 7 x 24 Fl oz cans per day. The recommended daily maximum consumption is the same.

*The product contents may vary slightly depending on the production date. The product may contain trace amounts of peanut and fish.